How Often You Need To Change Thermostat Batteries

single use batteries How Often You Need To Change Thermostat BatteriesThe first time some people discover that they have batteries in their thermostat is when the screen is blank and they can’t get their heating or cooling system to work.  Thinking there is something wrong with their system, they call us to come out and do the diagnosis, only to be told that it was simply batteries that needed to be changed.  If that has happened to you, no need to feel silly, my mom has done it too.  Just consider it a lesson learned, although with more expense than you would have liked.

To save yourself the diagnostic fee, we recommend being proactive and changing the batteries in your thermostat every year.  It wouldn’t hurt to make a party of it and change the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors too.  Note that not every thermostat requires batteries, so if yours has been running for years without the batteries needing to be changed, it’s possible you don’t have to worry about it.

Possible signs that you need to replace your thermostat batteries include a low battery warning, unusual behavior from your heating or cooling system, and after the batteries finally die, a blank screen and no response from your units.  These also could be the indication of a more serious problem, so if you change the batteries and still have no heat or air conditioning, give us a call to schedule an appointment with a technician who can diagnose what might be causing your system to not work.

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