The Romantic Life Of Eskimos

The Eskimos are the most widely dispersed group in the world and they can be found in Greenland, Siberia, Alaska and Canada. The word “Eskimo” is an American Indian word that translates to “eaters of raw meat.” An Eskimo man’s traditional duties include hunting for food, driving the dog sled and building warm shelter for his family to live in. An Eskimo woman also provides for her family by making warm clothing and taking care of the children.

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Adult Eskimo men and women are not different from any other person in the world in that they must do whatever necessary to support their children and families. Like all other groups, Eskimo men and women must find some time for a little love and romance. Let’s take a look at the romantic life of Eskimos as well as some interesting Eskimo customs.

Hunting Attracts Mates

Hunting is such an important part of Eskimo culture that it is often the determining factor of whether marriage even takes place between an Eskimo man and Eskimo woman. From birth, young Eskimo boys are taught about the importance of hunting and proper hunting techniques. Young girls dream of marrying skilled hunters.

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Arranged Marriages

Marriages are often arranged for Eskimos and sometimes even during infancy. It is common for the community to impose marriage on an Eskimo couple since marriage is not viewed as a choice, but instead as a necessity. An Eskimo woman is considered ready for marriage when she reaches puberty and an Eskimo man when he becomes a productive hunter.

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Activities For Eskimo Couples

Have you ever enjoyed a night in with your lover just watching movies and eating popcorn? It can be very difficult for an Eskimo couple to romance inside their igloo, which is often crammed with children and even parents. Eskimo couples often engage in activities together outside their igloos to bond. This can sometimes be the only way for these couples to enjoy any sense of privacy. Eskimo couples may enjoy a brisk walk outside together or a seal hunting session.

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Divorces Among Eskimo Couples

You would think that divorces would be quite common among Eskimo couples. After all, being cramped in a tiny igloo with your spouse can become really stressful at times. However, divorces are largely discouraged and require the consent of the community and especially the elders. It is especially difficult for a couple to receive approval for a divorce when children are involved. The elders usually believe that children like the ones shown below needed a stable family life.

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Despite tight quarters, an Eskimo couple can find the time to get out of the igloo and hunt together, for instance. After all, hunting is the most important reason that a marriage between Eskimos takes place. We could a learn a thing or two from the Eskimos – they make it work no matter what.

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