The Truth About Temperature Zoning

So, your bedroom is blazingly hot, the living room feels like a volcano, but the bathroom is like the inside of an iceberg. You have central heating, so what happened? Most likely your heating system is running effectively. However, there may be an issue of temperature zoning. Problems like this can arise in rooms that are too close or too far from the furnace, rooms with many windows, or poor air circulation. Usually it’s nothing that a little temperature zoning system can’t fix, but here are some things you should know about the cause and effect of temperature fluctuation.

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In all homes, large and small, each room has it’s own uses; personalities even, and the climate control and temperature is no different. Some rooms are prone to be cooler, such as bathrooms, back rooms and home additions. Some rooms tend to be warmer like those small in size and sealed tightly with few windows. Homes with many floors may also experience some temperature inconsistencies on each of the different levels without any problems from the central heating whatsoever.

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So what exactly does a temperature zoning system do? The goal of this system is to ensure that every room is exactly the temperature you and your family want it to be. That means that some rooms may be cooler or warmer depending on what you decide. Your home can be broken up into 2 to 4 different zones, based on its size, and each zone will be outfitted with it’s own thermostat. That way, you don’t have to heat the upstairs if no one is even up there, avoid heating and cooling unused rooms and wasting money.

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Temperature zoning systems give homeowners the power to choose what rooms need to be heated, and when. It keeps the energy bills low and every room just the way you like it. If you and your family have experienced any inconsistencies or fluctuation in terms of the temperature, a temperature zoning system may be right for you.

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