The Worst Inventions For Keeping Warm

It is important to keep warm during the brutal Winter months in order to avoid colds, flu or more serious health problems like pneumonia. There are some very sensible tips you can follow to keep warm, including wearing multiple layers of appropriate clothing, plugging up drafty windows and doors with insulation and using space heaters. However, there are also some absurdly hilarious and nearly useless methods out there for keeping warm. Let’s take a look at the worst ever inventions for keeping warm.

The Snuggie 

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The snuggie is undoubtedly one of the worst inventions ever devised for keeping warm. Not only will this sleeved blanket make you look goofy, it’s not a very practical way of keeping warm during the months. If you choose to stand up with a snuggie on, your back is completely exposed. In fact, the snuggie may promote laziness and turn you into a couch potato.


The Slanket

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Very similar to the snuggie, the slanket is an oversized blanket with sleeves. Users of the slanket have reported breaking out in rashes over their shoulders, arms and necks after use. Also, you can expect the slanket to shrink after washing, which really makes it useless.

The Nuddle

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Along with the snuggie and slanket, the nuddle is yet another lounging blanket. The fusion of “nap” and “cuddle” apparently produced the nuddle, which distinguishes itself from competitors by boasting a foot pocket. Users complain of it being far too thin to provide any real comfort during the harsh winter months.

Electric Blankets

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You may think that electric blankets would be an effective solution for keeping warm during the winter, but they are very hazardous and better options exist for you. In addition to the potential fire danger they pose, the electromagnetic field you would be sleeping under poses a direct health risk to you. There have been studies linking the use of electric blankets with cancer. This fact alone makes electric blankets one of the worst ever inventions for keeping warm.

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